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John Goodman

Lots of people deal with chronic eye and vision problems — including the rich and famous.

For instance, John Goodman took time off from his busy film career a few years ago to have his cataracts removed. Though he had just turned 60, his vision had deteriorated enough to make daily life a challenge.

Goodman chose to have his natural eye lenses replaced with an advanced intraocular lens (IOL). The Indiana Eye Clinic has a number of options on advanced lens for cataract patients.

It’s a common fallacy that cataracts only affects senior citizens. In fact, we frequently see patients in their 50s or even 40s with cataracts!

This article has a list of other well-known people dealing with chronic issues that impact their vision. What’s interesting is that many of these conditions were not even known about until the celebrity chose to share the news themselves. It just goes to show that people can live healthy, happy and productive lives while dealing with eye issues.

Did you know that Mila Kunis was blind in one eye for many years? Her large, dark eyes are undoubtedly her most famous feature. She suffered from iritis, in inflammation of the eye. She eventually underwent surgery to correct the problem, and now has normal vision. This also involved replacing her natural lens with an artificial lens.

Other celebs with eye problems:

  • Bono of U2 has glaucoma. This possibly explains his ever-present sunglasses.
  • Judi Dench has age-related macular degeneration.
  • Missy Elliott sought therapy and treatment for Graves’ Disease, which can cause eyes to bulge or protrude.
  • Brittany Howard of the band Alabama Shakes had multiple eye conditions from early childhood, including  retinoblastoma, or cancer of the eye, that left her partially blind in one eye.

It just goes to show that wealth or fame doesn’t prevent anyone from having vision problems. Many of these can be prevented or addressed more effectively the earlier they’re detected. If you’re experiencing issues with your eyesight, seek help from a qualified ophthalmic physician right away.