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Advanced Technology Lenses

A cataract is nothing more than cloudiness of the natural lens of the eye. But once the cataract has been removed, the next question becomes: what do we replace it with?

Since the 1970s, eye surgeons have used the artificial intraocular lens implant (IOL). Although routine cataract surgery has become rapid, painless and highly successful, better lenses have recently emerged. These improved intraocular lenses are called "Advanced Technology Lenses," or simply ATLs.

The result of these Advance Technology Lenses, when combined with the rapid advances in surgical equipment, is a better procedure with improved results and the promise of less dependence on eyeglasses.

When contemplating an ATL implant, there are three things to consider. The first is the cutting-edge technology we use to remove the cataract. The femtosecond laser not only softens the cataract so that less energy is needed during surgery, it also uses exotic imaging techniques to create a three-dimensional model of the eye. This allows for more accurate lens choice and a more predictable outcome. The femtosecond laser can also reshape the cornea to reduce postoperative astigmatism.

Another recent advance in technology is the use of intraoperative aberrometry. By taking wavefront measurements of the eye immediately following removal of the cataract, we can significantly improve our choice of lens implant power.

The second factor is the improvement in lens technology itself. Eye surgeons no longer have to rely on lens implants that cannot correct for astigmatism or that limit the eye's focus to only one distance. The new generation of ATLs is designed to not only correct for astigmatism, but also provide a range of focus from distance to near without glasses. The choices range from "multi-focal" to "accommodating" lenses. Since each option has its own unique benefits, our surgeons can help you choose the one that best fits your needs.

The last issue is the Indiana Eye Clinic commitment to you. Although no outcome is guaranteed, at IEC we promise to use our vast array of advanced tools to provide you with the best result possible. That is why we also offer one full year of follow-up care and free enhancements with our ATL implants.